Vandrovní Vákuovaní Výletníci

"mladý duch nie je otázkou chronologického veku"

Vandrovní Vákuovaní Výletníci - "mladý duch nie je otázkou chronologického veku"

About Us

Wandering Vaccumed Hikers (V.V.V.) are a adventurous organisation of people with a sense of humour.

V.V.V. came into being at a time when significant life changes started fully beset its founding members and they themselves realized for the first time that aging is no longer a foreign and remote word. The generation was a gradual and spontaneous one, where at the beginning stood the desire to breach the stereotype of pub meetings as well as the reassessment of changing friendships.

As V.V.V. is inseparably bound to the fight for the perseverance of physical and also and especially psychic youth, they focus on the sustaining of a young spirit of its members. The V.V.V. believe, that a young spirit is not the question of chronological age, but it is the right and duty of every person towards the world around him/her.

V.V.V. are a community of people with a common will to help each other, community of people that can rely on each other without fear and prejudice. This community shares common moments of happiness and together overcomes the difficulties and risks threatening any of its members.

Although there is a system of ranks and an organization structure within V.V.V., the main focus lies on an active friendship, such that is not just limited to occasional fugitive meetings and is not based on mutual indifference. V.V.V. see their objective in removing life stereotypes and looking for always new ways of spending one` s time together. They perceive their common activities as an opportunity to develop their skills, deepen their knowledge and enrich their life experience.

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